Dont Get Disconnected with the process of reality

After looking at some photos on Facebook I was amazed at how much emotion that I could feel in a select few. The person didn’t have even be in the photo but you could feel, at that moment, even a tiny fraction of what they must have felt. Or you understood their emotion exactly as it triggered your own memories of when you experienced the same or a similar event.

In one particular photo, for a moment, it almost came alive like I was seeing through their eyes since the memory was so vivid.

Now imagine the day that we will have contact lenses or glasses that have the power of computers. Couple that with a fast internet connection and we will have the ability to see through their eyes should they feel like recording and uploading it to Facebook. In the future it could be done in a live stream.

Here is where technology must be defined as neutral. It is mankind that decides what they do with it and how they will allow it to shape our world.

It can be used to easily and instantly capture your most priceless moments. But it can also accidentally capture people who do not want to it be seen doing something. There is a reason that privacy laws exist. But now nobody will be able to trust anybody else without making sure that they are disconnected from their devices. But what if the device is built into the retina and does its computing in a cloud system?

This is how the internet will be controlled someday where the people will scream for said control to hide their own hypocrisy. I’m not saying that I never have hypocritical blunders because I’m human and therefore I am flawed. The only way to avoid this kind of oppressive, hysterical, and depressing future is to restore the freedoms that were given to humanity over 200 years ago.

When this happened, it toppled monarchies world-wide. It became a blazing beacon of freedom in the form of a contract to protect the rights of anyone who obeyed those simple principles of Common Law which was essentially “live and let live”. This has been subverted and corrupted by politicians and those puppet masters who control them.

Once we let them know, en masse, that WE KNOW how they brainwash, then divide and conquer us, it is then that our lives will be better than we could ever imagine. That’s not a utopian concept since it’s how most average people in small towns interact with each other every day.

When we become more connected in this modern world, be careful that we do not get disconnected from reality in the process.


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